Celebrate Living and Feel Totally Free

"Many used The Sydney Skinny to throw aside concerns of body image, to connect with nature and celebrate living with more courage and kindness" Nigel Marsh, creator.

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Incredibly Joyous Day for all Participants

"I believe that life expands or contracts in direct proportion to your courage. In modern life we are used to monitoring our health, our finances and our relationships. Yet it should be equally important to monitor  our sense of adventure. If doing an all ticketed, no spectator, skinny dip in a secluded national park - where everyone gets a sarong before they get out of the water - is outside your sense of adventure, it does tend to raise the all-important question what on earth is in it?" Nigel Marsh 

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Spectacular Setting Join us in 2015!!

Cobblers Beach at Middle Head, is the perfect setting for a short 300m or 900m swim on a beautiful Sunday morning. The waterway is protected from the ocean swell and is the perfect location for new swimmers or those who have never swam the distance in open water.

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An Annual Event 2015 COMING SOON

For some the swim was a challenge, for others it was leaving the swim suits on the beach... but for those who joined us in February 2013 or 2014 the smiles and the fun will stay with them. Many had never been to Middle Head National Park, nor Cobblers Beach - we are certain many will return to enjoy the beautiful location again and again.

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Proudly the World's First Sydney Skinny Ocean Swim

The Sydney Skinny was a truly positive day and wonderful day. It's the perfect opportunity to draw a line in the sand, take a stand against ludicrous body image pressure and access a world of greater self-acceptance. 2015 will be the best Sydney Skinny yet - so stay tuned for a date announcement!

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Incredible Positivity and Excitement

"The Sydney Skinny was designed to be a joyous annual opportunity to snub dull conformity and routine, and live a bit!" Nigel Marsh, creator.

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Help Upgrade the Harbour Walkway

The Sydney Skinny is helping contribute to the construction of a rejuvenation project throughout the Sydney Harbour National Park.

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Watch The Sydney Skinny 2014 Highlights

2014 Event Review

Over 700 people joined us on Sunday 23rd February 2014 for the 2nd annual Sydney Skinny. We were blessed with a sparkling summer day and a fabulous crowd who were eager and excited to get down to Cobblers Beach and enjoy the fun. The conditions in the water were calm and many swimmers have said The Sydney Skinny was their first ever ocean swim and that they were so thrilled to have completed the course! We hope to see everyone again in 2015 and we look forward to building an even more enjoyable day for all... 

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What is the Sydney Skinny?

Have you ever felt like life is a little dull? or that you'd like to celebrate overcoming one of life's challenges? or say "enough" to the pressures or negativity in your world? Over past two years more than 1,000 people have used The Sydney Skinny to do one or more of these things...

So, what's so special about this ocean swim? It's only 900m (or you can do the 300m nudie novice instead), it's at a protected & calm beach in one of Sydney's hidden gem locations.

What do you feel post swim? Elation, celebration, self appreciation, joy, a sense of belonging and appreciation for all that we have in this life. The Sydney Skinny is one swim where each participant takes away their own special experience.... why? Because it's for you, to make it about you and what you hope to continue in life.  

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Presenting Partner: nudie juice

nudie juice presenting partner of sydney skinny swim

The intent, desire and belief of The Sydney Skinny is only a reality with the support of our friends at nudie. nudie are all about creating good with whatever they make, wherever they go. They came on board last year to join in the fun, celebrate their 10th birthday and assist us in raising funds to build a new walkway through the National Park.  A huge thanks goes to nudie, the creators of good, for supporting The Sydney Skinny since it's inception!

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Charity Partner: Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife

foundaton for national parks wildlife of sydney skinny swim

The Sydney Skinny has raised over $20,000 for the Foundational for National Parks and Wildlife as we aim to strip the Middle Head Precinct of Sydney Harbour National Park of their funding burdens. Monies raised by the event will go towards a rejuvenation project for the area, which will provide greater access to the National Park for all people to enjoy this incredible part of Sydney coastline.

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“The dash from the shoreline into the waves will be the hardest bit but once I am in the water - what the hell!.”

“It will be great fun and very exhilarating to strip off and dive into the waves. Thank goodness it's going to be Summer!”

“'I'm quite shy and I have never swam naked before. But there is no embarrassment - it will be great fun.”

“I’m very proud to and excited to be joining in this unique event - it is something I will be able to tell my grandchildren...”

"… what better way than in a great community event like this - I like the idea that clothes, constraints and inhibitions are left on the sand".

“Wonderful idea. Love it.”

“We are born naked. who cares who sees your body – be naked with nature for a great cause. The more the merrier….”

“WOW. Can I just say, what an event this is! So interesting and different! Good on ya! :)”

“I heard about this morning, and booked flights from Perth to do it! Wahoooooooo”

“Coooool! Looking forward to it!”