The Self Love Project

Activate the Science of Self-Love Today

When a person IS NOT doing Self-Love and acceptance, they can be highly self-critical and say things to themselves like: "you stupid idiot; you always mess things up; you disgust me; you need to be smarter, skinnier, funnier than you are to be happy."


It’s important to understand that these self-critical statements are just words floating around in your head that become beliefs over time. They DO NOT have to define you… and… with the right effort and approach… can be replaced with words, phrases and feelings that are genuinely self-nurturing, love-fuelled, nourishing and self-accepting.

The Self-Love Project is a 6-Week Online Program facilitated live by Eloise King, that supports people to make this shift..

We are proud to partner with The Sydney Skinny to say ‘no' to destructive body pressure and support the practice of self acceptance for all. To celebrate, participants joining a Self-Love Project November 2017 and January 2018 groups get free entry into Wave 7 of The Sydney Skinny March 2018 swim. Let’s do it together!

Next group starts November 6. Sign up here today.

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