The Charlie Teo Foundation

Funding brain cancer research

This year The Sydney Skinny is delighted to welcome a new Partner - The Charlie Teo Foundation. Newly founded by the incredible Dr Charlie Teo, who swam with us in 2016 and whose generous personal support has allowed us to return in 2018.


Our Mission

We can and we must do better – that is our mission. We must fund more promising and more innovative research, and we must do so more efficiently and more transparently.

Australia First

Australia is home to world-leading scientists who deserve to be supported. With a focus on grass-roots research, the Charlie Teo Foundation prioritises local projects and helps local scientists collaborate on the global stage. Our focus on Australian science is also a focus on Australian patients – with direct and accelerated access to cutting-edge trials the benefits of innovation are seen by Australians first.

Stay tuned for more information about the Charlie Teo Foundation. 


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