The Charlie Teo Foundation

Funding brain cancer research

This year The Sydney Skinny is delighted to welcome back, our loyal charity partner - The Charlie Teo Foundation. Newly founded by the incredible Dr Charlie Teo, who has swum with us since 2016 and whose generous personal support has allowed us to return in 2019.


Hope and courage

Charlie Teo is shaking up the way brain cancer research is funded in Australia. Charlie’s determination and inspiration comes from his patients, who teach him extraordinary hope and courage.

Brain cancer kills more children in Australia than any other disease, yet the survival rate has increased just 1% over the past 30 years. Compare this with advancements made in other cancers, with survival rates increasing 20% or more.

Changing lives

The Charlie Teo Foundation is going to change those numbers by running low cost, lean and efficient and thinking outside the box to fund the most brilliant and disruptive brain cancer researchers.

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