The Good Going Bakery

Going Good

The Sydney Skinny is
about celebrating all that is
good in this world. This is why
we are proud to be partnering
with The Good Going Bakery,
delicious guilt-free snacks that
suit your busy lifestyle!


The Good Going Bakery is all about providing a healthier and wholesome snack experience, one that fuels you with the right energy while on-the-go so you never miss out! Our muffins are a source of protein, our bars a good source of fibre and our cakes are made with a wheat free recipe.   

If you’re looking for goodness, this is for you. Each Apple, Oat & Chia muffin contains 33% apple and all our bars and muffins give you 25% of your whole grain daily target intake.*

*One serve (1 bar or 1 muffin) of TGGB Daily Bar contributes 25% towards the Grains & Legumes Nutrition Council™ 48g Whole Grain Daily Target Intake.

Find Us

You can find our bars and muffins in the in-store bakery section of your local Woolworths. Our flourless cakes are kept in the cake chiller, also located in the in-store bakery.*

*Please bear in mind that different stores, depending on their size and layout, may have the chiller in a different location, away from the bakery section. We suggest you check with the in-store bakery staff if you can’t find them.

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