Cure Brain Cancer Foundation

Many minds, one purpose

Cure Brain Cancer is the peak organisation for brain cancer research, advocacy and awareness in Australia, with a time-critical mission to increase five-year survival from the current 20% to 50% by 2023. With a strong patient focus we forge global collaborations, fund innovative research and are bringing world-class clinical trials to Australia to give children and adults with brain cancer access to new treatments faster.


Brain Cancer kills more children than any other disease, more adults under 40 than any other cancer, and survival rates haven’t changed in over 30 years. Cure Brain Cancer is pushing an international agenda to disrupt the status-quo on trials and treatments, bringing together some of the worlds most brilliant minds to the brain cancer agenda.

Charlie Teo, renowned neurosurgeon and Founder of Cure Brain Cancer Foundation who participated in Sydney Skinny with his family and colleagues at last year’s Sydney Skinny said, “This wonderful event is all about having fun, raising money for charity, and team bonding. Last year, we felt a little anxious where we thought people might be looking at us, but Nigel made an amazing comment before we got in the water and said ‘this is not about you, don’t flatter yourself, no one wants to look at you. That really helped! There’s a real team building spirit on the day, and it’s important to get out of your comfort zone every now and again. Everyone was laughing and smiling and saying hello to complete strangers in the nude. I found the event to be contagious and exhilarating. It was a great team bonding experience.”

Visit the Cure for Brain Cancer site and support our cause by raising sponsorship for your swim, or if you prefer, by making a simple donation. All help is hugely appreciated.