The Event

We are incredibly proud to bring you The Sydney Skinny for a fifth year in 2017. This is not a competition, nor is it timed. Swimmers set off in waves with a flash of exhilaration and the sheer enjoyment of a lovely swim.

When - March 2017 date tbc soon - watch this space!

What is the distance - choose between two swim distances: 900m or 300m....

The Sydney Skinny swim is a short 900m swim, around a diamond shaped course in the calm and sheltered waters of Middle Head.

nudie Novice swim is an even shorter 300m swim, swimming out gently with the main group, but taking an early right hand turn across the course and rejoining the longer course as it returns to shore.

Where - Cobblers Beach, Middle Head, Sydney Harbour National Park, Australia. This wonderfully calm and protected beach faces north-west, hence provides us with idyllic conditions for a lovely swim course.

Age restrictions -All participants must be over 18 years of age to swim Skinny.

Start time - Event site opens at 8am and we’ll be finishing up at 3pm.

Swim time - Swimmers will select the wave they want to swim in, with waves starting at 9am..

Privacy - This event is a private, fully ticketed event and we will not allow spectators on the beach. We want everyone to feel comfortable and able to focus on the excitement of doing something that you can't do at just any beach... swim in your skin!

Where will we be clothes free? The only area where people will be clothes free is on the beach. The Festival area is not nude/clothes free - so you and other swimmers will only be bare running from the beach into the water! Also remember, there are only 2 waves with Media present (the first 2 waves of the day), that means there are 10 waves of just you and water! Only participants will be allowed down to the beach.

For more information about The Sydney Skinny go to our FAQs page 

Why Participate?

  1. Reconnect with your sense of adventure.
  2. Experience a truly joyous, fun and memorable day.
  3. Strike a blow against destructive body pressure & practice greater self acceptance.
  4. Be a part of one of the world's unique and iconic events in beautiful Sydney.
  5. As the shortest, flattest and easiest swim on the calendar it is the perfect 'starter swim' introduction to the world of ocean swimming.
  6. Raise money to assist in the rejuvenation and protection of Sydney Harbour National Park and other important National Parks & Wildlife projects.

Entry Information

The Sydney Skinny is a ticketed swim, however the festival area (clothed) is open to everyone. All people on the beach will be there to participate in swim and be a part of the excitement of the swim - there is strictly no spectators.

As with previous years, we will have restricted access, to the beach, for media and photographers to capture some of the fun and excitement of the swim. In 2017, waves 1 & 2 will be open to media and photographers ONLY. After the completion of the 2nd wave, ALL media and photographers will be escorted from the beach, with the help of our protective Abacus Security team. Meaning all swimmers from wave 3 onwards will be comfortable knowing that everyone down on the beach will be baring all too!

  1. The Sydney Skinny - $45 including booking fee.
  2. Supporters - everyone is welcome into the Festival area for free, which has various different stalls, food and activities for Sydney Skinny supporters to enjoy.

*Supporters will not be permitted to access the beach, only the swimmers will be able to go to the beach. If a supporter changes their mind and wants to swim on the day the entry fee is $55 cash.

How to enter - go to the entries section of the website where you can register securely online for all swimmers and supporters. There is also a download hard copy form if you would prefer.

Donating - Through the well-known and trusted Everyday Hero fundraising portal, anyone can become a fund raiser and start asking their family or friends to donate funds for our cause, directly to Foundation of National Parks and Wildlife.

Swim Course Map

sydney skinny swim course

Are you ready to get your Skinny swim on?

“The dash from the shoreline into the waves will be the hardest bit but once I am in the water - what the hell!.”

“It will be great fun and very exhilarating to strip off and dive into the waves. Thank goodness it's going to be Summer!”

“'I'm quite shy and I have never swam naked before. But there is no embarrassment - it will be great fun.”

“I’m very proud to and excited to be joining in this unique event - it is something I will be able to tell my grandchildren...”

"… what better way than in a great community event like this - I like the idea that clothes, constraints and inhibitions are left on the sand".

“Wonderful idea. Love it.”

“We are born naked. who cares who sees your body – be naked with nature for a great cause. The more the merrier….”

“WOW. Can I just say, what an event this is! So interesting and different! Good on ya! :)”

“I heard about this morning, and booked flights from Perth to do it! Wahoooooooo”

“Coooool! Looking forward to it!”