A message from the Founder:                          


7 years ago we set up an event called The Sydney Skinny. Unique in the world it is Australia’s fastest growing swimming event. However despite its success it's an easy event to misunderstand. It is important therefore to explain The Sydney Skinny has nothing to do with being seen naked or seeing other people naked. It is about 4 things:

The first thing is Joy. I can guarantee that there is nothing else you could be doing on the day of the Skinny that will be more fun. The Sydney Skinny is a joyous supportive communal celebration of all that is good in this world. In a sometimes monotonous life where we can end up trudging along on autopilot, The Sydney Skinny is an exhilarating high spot that creates cherished life long memories.

The second thing is Courage. I believe that life expands or contracts in direct proportion to your courage - and that the magic happens outside your comfort zone. Unfortunately it's incredibly common for people to lose touch of their sense of adventure. And that’s where The Sydney Skinny comes in. The Sydney Skinny is a safe enjoyable way of gently stepping outside of your comfort zone. Let’s be clear - it's an all ticketed, no spectator event in a secluded national park where everyone is clothed on land and covered by water or a sarong when naked. It's not like you are being asked to walk naked down Martin Place. If doing the swim is outside of your sense of adventure, I think that is a really useful piece of personal feedback - especially if it's representative of your appetite for risk in other areas of your life - your social life, financial affairs, family life, career. The Sydney Skinny provides an honest reality check on how adventurous you actually are as opposed to how adventurous you like to say you are.

The third thing is Acceptance. Acceptance of ourselves, in all our flawed glory, but even more importantly - acceptance of others. The media narrative can be so depressing - especially recently. It seems specifically designed to divide us - whether by gender, religion, sexuality, body shape, political beliefs or nationality. Its sole aim appears to be to set people against people. I believe however that what unites us is far more important and powerful than what divides us. The Sydney Skinny reminds us that whatever our superficial differences we are all essentially the same. And that we are all in this together - one species on one tiny planet hurtling around a vast largely uninhabitable universe. And given that fact it seems sensible to accept rather than reject each other.

The fourth thing is Charity. Every year we raise thousands of dollars for good causes. For the last few years, we have supported The Charlie Teo Foundation. Brain Cancer kills more children in Australia than any other disease. The Charlie Teo Foundation needs funds to invest in innovative brain cancer research and we are proud to help in some small way each year.

So in summary, The Sydney Skinny is intended as a joyous circuit breaker that helps people get the best out of themselves and in doing so makes the world a slightly nicer place - one swimmer at a time. I believe there is a little bit of God (however you define her) in everyone. And that we all want to do good if given the chance. But we worry our small personal actions won’t make any difference when the world’s problems are so large. And that is the biggest mistake humanity makes - thinking that because we can’t do everything that we should do nothing. I believe that the smallest actions can have the largest impact - especially when they are communal.

Sadly, in the absence of an appropriate sponsor in these uncertain times, The Sydney Skinny is being put in semi permanent hiatus. Huge thanks and gratitude to everyone who joined us on the wonderful journey. Many many wonderful people made this event happen and remain so special.

Thank you. Thank you. Love to all. Nigel


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